Sarah Uno

Before studying physical therapy, Sarah was a linguistics major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she received a Master of Arts in Linguistics with a focus in first language acquisition. However, wanting to work in a more hands on and tangible manner with people, Sarah changed her focus of study to physical therapy, and has not looked back since. Sarah is a 2021 University of Puget Sound Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate and is excited to begin the start of her career with Anchor Physical Therapy.
Sarah spent two lengthy clinical rotations working with the orthopedic outpatient populations with a focus in sports medicine and women’s pelvic health.
According to Sarah
“If I do my job right, my patients leave having more confidence in their own decision making when it comes to their bodies. They need less of my permission of what to do and can listen more to what their body is telling them. In thy end, they’ll realize it’s not me they need, it’s them!”
On a personal note
“I love the water and surfing, but the water is too cold here so I delight myself in the more terrestrial based wonders that WA has to offer.”